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    Taylor your Marrakech city tour

    Marrakech is magic, colorful and charming. One tour is not enough to explore all its hidden secrets. Still, I can arrange best highlights and hidden gems according to your wishes and your time.

    Choose among these different monuments the ones that make yoy dream and let me do the rest

    Koutoubia Mosque

    One of the most impressive sights in Marrakesh, the Koutoubia is one of the largest, most beautiful mosques in the western Muslim world. Its 225 foot tall minaret is a Hispano-Moresque masterpiece that is very similar to the Giralda of Seville.

    Menara Gardens

    This is a large landscaped garden with olive trees. At the heart of this garden, a large pond at the foot of a pavilion serves as a water reservoir to irrigate crops. It is a very peaceful place, away from the bustle of the city. and an ideal place for walks

    Saadian Tombs

    This site have been a burial ground before the Saadian period, but the earliest known burial dates from 1557 and all the main buildings were constructed under Sultan Ahmed el Mansour (1578-1603).it contains the tombs of over 100 more Saadian princes and members of the royal household.

    Bahia Palace

    A big old house and a set of houses were collected and converted into palace in the late nineteenth century by the Moroccan architect El Mekki behalf (1841-1900).

    Jemaa El Fna night market

    The famous UNESCO recognized city square, where you can discover a world of mysterious bazaars and a magical circus where fortune tellers, henna artists, fire eaters, snake charmers, dancing wild costumed monkeys, musicians and acrobats call home.

    Souks of the Medina

    They filled with food stalls selling olives, dates and sweets, and carts loaded with fruit and vegetables. The souks of Marrakesh are a major feature in Moroccan life, and among the country’s greatest attractions for travelers.

    Marrakesh tannery

    It is the most interesting part of visiting the tanneries is seeing the process itself and the equipment used, neither of which have changed for centuries. The majority of work is crafted by local artisans and then sold in the Marrakesh souks.

    Marrakesh’s Royal Palace Passage

    The Almohads built the palace in the 12th century on the site of their kasba, and it was partly remodeled by the Saadians in the 16th century. Historically it was one of the palaces owned by the Moroccan king, who employed some of the most talented craftsmen in the city for its construction.

    Gueliz neighborhood

    A place of wide boulevards not mazes of alleyways. It’s the modern part of Marrakesh where the offices, shops, restaurants are located, more generally, the daily life of Marrackshis and, in particular, Westerners who live in Marrakesh.

    Majorelle and Yves St Laurent Garden

    That famous place is located in the heart of Gueliz, Hivernage within the Imperial city of Marrakesh. It is one of the most delightful and stunning spots within this red walled city. A meticulously designed botanical garden through Marrakesh’s medina filled with acres of olive groves and palms.

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